Hubspert Syllabus

A breakdown of what it looks like to be a part of the Hubspert program from the perspective of a participant.


Louis Garcia - CEO Leads Group Meetings
Creed Hostetter - Expert Leads 1-2-1 Meetings

Contact Information

Phone: 651-691-9123


Office Hours: Contact by email for support. 


The goals of Hubspert are to demonstrate best practices around how to optimize a CRM to drive business growth in the areas of marketing, sales, and service departments. By doing this, we believe you will grow your contacts and revenue. 

Course Overview

Hubspert is a 12-week program that trains and guides you to use the HubSpot platform to grow your business and achieve your goals. We cover strategies for growing your website sessions and leads, while also examining how to use each tool practically in your day-to-day business operations. 


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Office Hours

Week Topic Goal
Week 1 Welcome and Onboarding Meet and Get Setup
Week 2 Contacts Customize a Contact Screen to fit your business
Week 3 Properties Customize properties to track key information about your contacts, companies, and deals
Week 4 Sales Pipeline Setup and customize a sales pipeline and stages to fit your business
Week 5 Lists Create a set of lists that any business needs as well as discovering other potential uses
Week 6 Q&A A general ask any question type of day
Week 7 Templates Setting up templates to engage people through sales or service activities
Week 8 Extensions Using the HubSpot Extension in your day to day
Week 9 Landing Pages Setting up landing pages to convert contacts
Week 10 Email Setting up and sending a marketing email to your list
Week 11 Reports & Dashboards Optimizing your reports and dashboards to show key metrics across marketing, sales, and service functions
Week 12 Conclusion Wrap up
Week 13 break week