CRM Onboarding Syllabus

This is the format that we follow for delivering the CRM Onboarding


Louis Garcia - CEO Leads Group Meetings
Creed Hostetter - Expert Leads 1-2-1 Meetings

Contact Information

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Course Goal

The goal of CRM Onboarding is to acquaint the users with the various tools within the HubSpot ecosystem and provide practical steps to complete that will begin to make use of the tools within the company's marketing, sales, and service processes. 

Course Overview

CRM Onboarding is a four-week program that covers the Marketing, Sales, and Service tools in HubSpot. We also show reports and dashboards that can be used for tracking measures in these areas.


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Week # Topic Goals & Outcomes
Week 1 Marketing Tools
  • Account Setup
  • Connecting Emails
  • Connecting Tracking Code
  • Setting up Email Signature
  • Importing Contacts
  • Setting up Lists, Forms, Emails, Meeting Link
Week 2 Sales Tools
  • Customize Deal Pipeline
  • Deal Properties
  • Quotes
  • Tasks
  • Setup Documents, Templaes
Week 3 Service Tools
  • Setup Tickets
  • Setup Conversations
Week 4 Reports and Dashboards
  • Setting Up Key Reports